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What should I start with??

Man, I just downloaded like a freak ;_; My game's gonna be so, so slow. =_=

I still couldn't get my hands on Seasons because I spent some money buying a party outfit for this weekend. whoopee. x_x; I've got to mooch me some extra cash somehow. WHEN WILL THOSE JOB PEOPLE CALL? D:

I'm sure I'm posting this stuff in the wrong account XD; Please ignore me, everyone ♥

So I took screenshots for a sim story that looks like is gonna be very. very long. 'cause it doesn't really have a point (apart from really really pretty sims 8D) It's more like a comedy/romance kinda "shoujo manga" feel to it if you know what that is.. kinda like a chic flick.. not even any real drama. But I'm having a lot of fun with it, so I just might post it up and give it a try.

Question: Should a sim story be planned throughout? 'cause I'm pretty much stuck with mine :S
Also, I think I'll post a character profiles post with stats AFTER all characters have been introduced in the story.

[EDIT] DAMMIT. The sim I made turned out to have elf ears =_______= I'm gonna go look for tennis racquets as hand held accessories.
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