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Download: Prince of Tennis : Hyotei + Rokkaku Uniforms

Firstly, I would like to thank my best friend rimosa, for making the uniforms XD I sat with her through it and we tried to make them look as good as possible. We both don't know a thing about making sim clothing so until someone makes better versions, you can play with these XD

Haha.. here's something you don't see much :D I thought it looked amusing for some reason.

Now we start with...

Shabadabada~ Dabide~ ♥ The first shot of the rokkaku uniform.

Dabide x Hairspray = OTP

How it looks like from the back.

*insert lame pun* Pfft! *thumbsdown*

Ouside at the courts, somebody refused to take shots unless I offered some luxury. ¬.¬

What're you laughing at, Atobe?

"Ore-sama no bigi ni~ yoi na"

Crowd: "ATOBE. ATOBE."


Too late 8D

Everybody together now; Awwwwwwwwwww ♥

A look at this uniform from the back~

He's wondering if he should confess today ;P

Apparently not..

Choutarou: "Shishido-san!!" D:

Hehe. I hope you guys liked this. (SOMEONE PLZ MAKE RACKETS T^T) Anyway, here are the uniforms:

[ These uniforms work as both Everyday & Athletic - Male Adult Only. ]
(No Young Adult because Rim didn't install Uni D:)

[ Hyotei Pants - Download here ]
[ Hyotei Shorts - Download here ] [ Required Mesh here ]
[ Rokkaku Uniform - Download here ] [ Required Mesh here ]

Oh, I am basically BEGGING for holdable Tennis rackets by now T__T
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