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Skyside Legacy - Gen 1.1

I never even played past two generations before, so this is very exciting for me! XD

But I'll be keeping this legacy as a non-challenge one, because:
  • This 6 year old compy can't handle a 5x5 lot so it's 3x3.
  • I gotta use custom furniture *_*

    So yeah! It was so much fun playing the first part! I took soooo many screenshots @_@ I don't know if that's a good or bad thing, you guys let me know, ok??

    Here we begin!

    My founder ♥ Riv. ♥ I realised all of my sims had brown or red hair, so I went for a blonde this time~ :3
    He looks typical, but he should make some pretty babies hrhrhr.

    Needless to say, Riv loves the Beach. *_* He'll go there several times a week. Unfortunately he couldn't find a spot to live in that was close to the beach, 'cause all areas were occupied with community lots! D:

    See? D:
    Note: Skyscrapers from Here :3

    And he CLAIMS his property! This should be helpful for the town stalkers :\

    You know, from the moment he stepped into his house, the only thing he ever wanted to do was to watch the damn TV until he couldn't hold his bladder anymore >_>

    Apparently, you can't make cereal without an extra counter....

    Stupid sims. =_=

    So I GOT him a counter, and he's being picky >_>

    How charming!

    EW!!! EW!! OMG WTF. He farted and sniffed it!! O____O!! I was too stunned to pause at the right moment! lol seriously wtf maxis?! (You can tell I've never had a sloppy one before =_=)


    And he picked up a hobby of turning every newspaper he got into an airplane~~

    Brief explaination of Riv's daily life:

    =_____=.. lol

    His welcome wagon consisted only of a single teen :O Thus, the convo didn't last very long.

    But ever since then. I've been catching him walking by the lot, staring at it, and leaving! D: He doesn't even ring the bell or anything@@ I knew he'd get stalkers XO

    I had him go to the movie thearte to try and find himself a girl :D (an amazing lot I got from here :3)

    Let's see....

    Nope. Just teens.

    and GASP. Look who was there! o.o;


    Riv tries his luck by going behind the counter to talk to her, because sims have problems reaching things, and while doing so, the only thing he could manage was a conversation about the weather :\ His looks appear to fail him, she doesn't seem interested. u_u

    But, on the other side of the room...

    PURDY :D

    He decides to order something first, this time. He seems to have caught her eye :D


    And because she was working, he went in to see a scary movie by himself :P
    (Sorry about the blob I dunno how to get rid of it -_-)

    Being a Gas station attendant sucks, so he's looking for a job where Hotness > Gas filling skillz.

    He wanted a car, so I got him one. Cute, no? xD

    This is like a shot from a porno...

    So he calls the girl the next morning. I find it adorable how he only manages to come up with weather conversations XD

    He meets another cutie at the local Starbucks..

    [lame pickup] "You can shake my Lattes any day babe ♥" [/lame pickup]

    Nope.. Apparently she has greater ambitions o.o


    Oh no you don't.. She's too young for you.

    SimPets are evil creatures who enjoy nothing more than ruining property >_>

    She just met him the day before... :\

    That night I had him go to a club. I love this picture lol.

    OMG IT CHOPPED OFF HIS LEG!!!!!!!! O__________O


    Oooh lookie. Looks like this chick works 2 bartender jobs.

    Another reason why sims are stupid.

    I love this shot.

    So are you thinking of investing in anything?

    Why invest when you can rob the bank?

    Someone appears materialistic. Careful with this one, Riv!

    Oh no you don't #2!

    Oh the horrors of stalking..

    Riv finally gives that idiot a piece of his mind. (Funny thing is that I never saw him after that xD)

    Another cute teen. Gosh this town is full of teens.. Wants to go into law, eh? :D She'll make a good heir spouse. Riv is equally impressed!


    NO. YOU. DON'T.

    Hey dudettes! Let's totally hit the beach!

    His two ladyfriends seem to be having fun at the outing.

    WHAT? o.o


    They totally ditched him the rest of the night ;_; The thing is, the scope room and "ask" options were not available before >_<; POOR RIV!

    Anyhow, I went to ask what their turn ons & offs when they went back to his place..

    I like fat, stinky people.

    .... :S

    SERIOUSLY! Who gets turned off by SWIMWEAR D: Seriously!!

    He just can't understand it..

    Bingo. She asked HER out for dinner XD
    Riv: GTFO.

    After a whole sim-week in town. No lovin for Riv but from his plates >_<

    He spent like the next couple of days moping and cleaning and all he wanted was to buy things... :\

    He even recycled all the Airplanes.

    but, GASP. She was there the whole time and he never noticed!


    To top things off, Psycho repo man comes over :X

    We all know who's fault this is...

    That stalker must've cursed him T^T


    [End of GEN 1.1]

    The thing is, when I used the DeleteAllCharacters, turns out the game generated only EIGHT townies O_O; There are only like 3 Adult males in my NH now, what will my female heirs do D: And those two girls were the only cute F-Adults ;_; I should generate College Students and Downtownies.

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