\\ Pixel Life Blues \\ (pixellifeblues) wrote,
\\ Pixel Life Blues \\

I got Seasons.

...and it deleted every single lot and peice of custom content I have :)

I hate it. Because I spent all day organizing the custom content.

I have backup of pay-content downloads.. but they're cluttered, too.

Something tells me it'll be better to start the game fresh from scratch??

But..... oh my god... the sims from my stories.... I.. T_T

Oh shit.

Yup, Gone. *just checked*

I just downloaded 2 peices of clothing and bodyshop won't read em...

Ok. Uh.. comm.. comm..

[EDIT] I FOUND BACKUPS OF EVAN, JOSEF, TEZUKA AND RIVER!! THANK GOD. MY HOT BOYS STAY. But no Beth. NO BETH!!!!!!! T_____________T How is this gonna be fixed?! I mean, do you guys know anyone who's good at making sims from reference pics?? U_U

Atobe's gone too but I don't care.

*sigh* New custom clothes still won't show up in bodyshop. Nevermind, it showed up.

The thing that stands now is that I lost my hundrends of hairs, clothes and hacks. Oh, lots too (that apartment building included.)

Should I scrap and make new projects? Cause no way I'll be able to re-make everything.
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