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\\ Pixel Life Blues \\
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  • pixellifeblues@livejournal.com

This little journal is where I, na_chyan, throw in all my sim related creations, stories, legacies, photoshoots and random screenshots. The journal is a part of the the eX-WingeD network with it's own layout over here. (which is why the LJ page looks plain)

A simple set of rules :
  • You may not steal creations to claim them as your own. I'm saying this because I will be uploading packages created by my best friend as well. Downloads are for personal use only! No uploading elsewhere, please! >______<

  • You can download the sims or use them for stories, but please don't use them in contests, use your own sims to enter contests =(

  • If you'd like to link-exchange or contact me, you're most likely to get a response from me quicker if you contact me through my personal LJ, na_chyan.

    Thank you and I hope you have fun here! \*^_^*/