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Los Apartamentos Blancos : Ch 0

This is my very very first attempt at making a sims 2 story. You can tell that my screenshots are a bit bad at the start, but I believe I've improved a little halfway into this chapter.

The story takes place at an apartment building that I've built myself. All sims included were also made by me. However, I have used custom content for clothing, building and furnishing.

The story itself isn't anything too serious.. it might turn into a pervy shoujo manga or soap opera if anything, later on -knowing me- but I promise I'll try to come up with interesting stuff.. However, I do believe the story will keep it's light atmosphere.

The building contains 6 apartments. so far two of them have been taken. I will make a "characters profiles" post after all my characters have moved in.

Note: Please excuse my writing mistakes. English is my second language and even though I am fluent with conversation, I consider my writing skills to be pretty bad. (Might as well use this chance for practice).

Chapter 0

Meet Elizabeth Belles, or I shall introduce her by her pen name, Beth Belles, as she is known to whomever had read any of her college short stories. Beth could remember buying her very first children's book using pay she had earned herself by selling lemonade at her school's festival during sixth grade. She could remember every exciting turn of page, every character, every laugh and grin she experienced while reading that book, and ever since, she was hooked on both reading and writing, and won her first English award at her school during that year.

Athough introverted and serious, Beth is a very bad tempered person. She's a cranky, sarcastic, grouchy, bitter, Caffeiene addicted workaholic who could tolerate anything but stupidity and stink, which she considers two very huge turn offs, contrary to formal wear and cologne.

Beth had a pretty normal childhood and teen life. So normal that it looked extremely boring to anyone who wasn't Beth. She always said she perffered going to different worlds for adventures over going to different houses for parties. Her close friends would always tell her that she could've been a pretty popular person if she had taken better care of her appearance. Beth's hair would always, always be messy, she owned no makeup and only wore second hand clothes because all her money would be wasted on books and internet subscribtions. But if that's what made her happy, Beth couldn't care less.

After graduation from college, Beth decided to move to a new neighbourhood and start a new life as an aspiring young author. After gathering, saving, and borrowing money she had been able to move to rent an apartment at this new apartment building at Rockway, which was a new modern neighbourhood full of arts, entertainment, and life. Unlike quiet country-like Veronaville where she used to live. This was going to be the time of her life.

..... Maybe she overdid it, though.

If anything was known about Rockway, it was how everything cost money. lots of money. People at Rockway would pay generously for anything, no matter how unnecessary or ridiculous it was. Rent was obviously very necessary, and very costy. Beth hoped that with her creativity points, she would be able to sell a short novel or ten to afford keeping this place. There was no way she would be moving back home before she had a bestseller, she bet her whole future on that.

Oh well, might as well enjoy it while it lasts.. she thought as she called the elevator that took her to the floor where her apartment was. She was glad she was on the middle floor. The lower floor had a door out to a glass-surrounded area above the left driveways where all parties and events would be held which means she would've gone crazy with all the noise going on. The top floor, however, had nothing wrong with it, except that she would have to tolerate the annoying elevator music a floor longer on the daily bases.

She frowned as she walked into her empty apartment. The moving company's van was about to arrive and the furnishing would take place right away. She was hoping to have a nice nap before they arrived, but it wasn't like there was a single peace of furniture to sleep on, plus, the place smelled weird anyway.

Beth was in one of her cranky moods that day. She watched carefully as the movers placed her furniture where she told them to. It seemed like she was looking for one of them to mess up so she could unleash her demons on him. However, the moving and furnishing process ended slowly but safely.

After the movers had left, she looked around her new apartment that was just like how she was on the inside, dark and gloomy. This was supposed to be a dream come true for Beth, yet she had no idea why she felt so depressed. Sure, she was away from any family or friends, but she always perferred to spend her time alone anyway.. She took a deep breath praying that things will be OK.

Soon she realised that all the sleepiness she was feeling earlier was gone, so she decided to change into her PJs, plug her computer and do some online research to find some inspiration.

After setting up her internet connection, she thought she'd let her friends know that the move went fine, so she logged onto her instand messenger. She found an old friend online and started a conversation.

Apparently the friend wasn't answering as their status suddenly turned to 'away'. So she probably wasn't at her keyboard... or was she?

After browsing a bunch of websites and blogs, Beth felt the sleepiness crawling back to her head. She thought she would lie on her livingroom couch a bit just to clear her head from all the things that've been filling her head.

But she couldn't help but think more and more.. Everything was crammed into her mind.. Thoughts of family, friends, experiences, memories, her career, her future, her sense of judgement, her savings, her stories...

Until she ended up falling asleep on the couch with her glasses on..

The next morning she was awakened by the sounds of car honks, yelling, and cheering.. She felt a little startled as she knew she was the only resident who had moved into the building yet.. She thought she would look out the corridor's windows to see what's going on.

New neighbours?!! NO WAY!

Skinny guy on the right: This place looks pretty great.
Skinny guy on the left: Guess here goes nothing!

Beth had heard before about how the people of Rockway are too concered about the way they dress, but this was.. almost silly. Who dresses so flashy on a move day? She guessed Rockway citizens were weird like that. She didn't mind though, those two were certainly nice to look at.

So as the only resident available, she thought it was her duty to go down and greet the new guys and give them her good wishes while also marking her territory and making it clear to them that she will be very sensitive to any crazy disturbing noises that will come from their apartment.

"Hello, I'm Beth Belles, Also a resident at this building. Welcome!" She tried to sound as normal and as less threatening as she could. First impressions were everything.. Apparently, she had forgotten she was still in her Pajamas, reading glasses, and extremely messy hair.
"Oh! I'm Evan Hargreaves. This is my roomate Josef Heath. We heard there was only one resident staying here. I suppose it's you, then. Very nice to meet you!" (A.N: damn you, rimosa, for making me name him Hargreaves ♥)

"Great. The ONLY lady resident is a greasy nerdy one."

Evan: "Dude. Are you sure you wanna be enemies with our ONLY neighbour?"
Beth: "Your roomate's a prick."

After some more conversation and a little help here and there with their furniture (which was much nicer than hers), Beth learned a little bit about the two people who would be living right underneath her apartment from now on. They were both currently working as models.. Josef was older than Evan and had been in the business for a while which allowed him to make a good amount of money. He was also the more silent of the two and was abviously a womanizer.. Evan was aspiring to quit modeling and start a career in culinary, but for now, modeling pays for his life, so he'll be sticking with it for a while longer. He was nice enough to offer cooking for her anytime she needed, before he was inturrupted by a very tired Josef telling him to fix him a sandwich right away.

Beth: "So, are you two.. together, or something?"
Evan: "Contrary to popular belief, No, we're not gay."

Beth: "Could've fooled me! You are totally his wife" XD
Evan: "..Are you for real?"

Evan: "He just gets moody when he's hungry, and I'm a chef. So it just works that way"

[[I'M MISSING A COUPLE OF SCREENSHOTS HERE. I don't know how it happened! But Beth walks over to their living room where Josef is.]]

Josef: "I heard you tell Evan you're a writer? Into books, huh? Maybe I'll lend you my portfolio, I'm sure there are a couple of things there that you'd enjoy." *grin*

Beth: "Ew. Creep!"
Josef: "..Hahaha."

So after a while, she left for her apartment while Josef had his sandwich and Evan talked his roomate's ear off about their move. All that Beth could think was what a strange pair those two were.

So she walked into her kitchen and decided to relax with a nice cup of coffee. Her ultimate relief.

Looking out her window, Beth wondered what other kinds of people would she be living with in Rockway. What kind of experiences will these people bring? She cannot be allowed to be distracted, she came all the way here for a reason. There was no room for failure in her life.

That night, the three residents spent time doing what they knew they can do best...

=End of Ch 0=

Bonus: 2 Pictures from Josef's Modeling Portfolio

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